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Emerging Adults

If you feel like you're in limbo, stuck somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, you are not alone! There's actually a whole area of research in psychology about emerging adulthood, a developmental period during ages 18-29. During this period, you're supposed to be doing things like:

  • Figuring out what your values and worldview are
  • Exploring your career options and work identity
  • Deciding what you want your relationships to look like
  • Forming a more "adult" relationship with your parents

Basically, you're learning to be an adult! It can be an exciting time of your life because of all the possibilities and freedom, but it can also be a time of doubt and insecurity.

That’s totally normal!

However, when you hit 30, you don't automatically become an adult. Sometimes people get stuck in emerging adulthood, get overwhelmed by all the essential adulting skills they need to learn, or just can't figure out how to transition to adulthood, which can lead to feelings of shame. You feel like you have to figure it out all on your own.

There's no shame in getting help if you're struggling!

Through my unique concierge therapy approach, I join you in partnership and help you successfully navigate your way into full-fledged adulthood. I believe that working with emerging adults requires a blend of coaching and therapy. So, unlike traditional therapy, where the psychologist won’t help with skill building, I will teach you whatever basic adulting skills you need to learn because, geez, it doesn’t feel nice to feel like the person who’s supposed to help you is intentionally withholding help! That certainly doesn’t help you feel supported and reinforces the unhelpful belief that you have to struggle on your own. But, unlike coaching, I will dive deep into what’s been holding you back and address whatever thoughts and feelings have been weighing you down because I feel like it’d be a disservice to not help you build up your resilience so you’re able to successfully tackle the next big transition or obstacle in your life.

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